Updated course description & Map.

New course video for Z6 below!

The Rebound/Tireless Velo gang is thrilled to bring you this gem of a course at what we think is one of the nicest venues out there.  Zaaldercross 2017 aka Z6 will be a challenging and fun race with lots of updates from last year's version.  If you've been to any of our previous versions(especially last year!) you'll know we tend to favor tough courses with lots of transitions and skills required, but wide and safe racing lanes.   This course is a blast to ride, let alone race on, but mark our words, we're pretty sure you'll find it to be one of the toughest races of the season.  Good hard, fun.  We've brought back most of the fun features but gone from last year is the slog out past the pond(which totally flooded last year).  This year you will be climbing up the usually tricky off camber downhill on the far side of the pond. From there you will blast down a new hill and bee line into the woods and through the campground into a whole new rolling field section which will leave you breathing hard.  Exit the field and drop into our runup, "Wallderbrook", a steep affair that may haunt your dreams and will definitely get you ready for Barlow the following week.  After the run up you'll quickly transition into the main grass bowl where cornering and acceleration skills are challenged. A couple of short burst climbs line the bowl along with 2 sand sectors and a short staircase . The course will definitely reward the fittest and most skilled riders but is not at all intimidating.  We look forward to seeing you out there.  Below is a video preview of this years course and will give you a feel for what Alderbrook Park is like as well.   And if the the killer course isn't enough to get you out there just remember all the other wacky attractions at Alderbrook park like pink lemonade fountains, bounce house, petting zoo, pirate ship, great food, snacks, and of course, beer.  Good news, we were able to do away with the $5 parking fee this year, leaving you a little spare dough for food and beer!   See you there.


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Z6 Course Map: